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Whisky by Aeneas MacDonald

Published 22/05/2020

Aeneas MacDonald was the pseudonym of George Malcolm Thomson (1899 - 1996), then an Edinburgh-based writer and journalist. He adopted the non de plume in deference to his mother, who was a strict teetotaller! (The original Aeneas MacDonald was one of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s earliest supporters, the so-called ‘Men of Moidart’, who acted as banker to the Jacobite troops during the 1745 Jacobite Rising. Thomson himself was an ardent Scottish nationalist though ironically he subsequently spent most of his life in London.

Published 01/01/0001

— title: “Whisky regions of Scotland” date: 2021-08-16T12:06:49+01:00 type: single draft: true feature: /scotland description: . When it comes to whisky, Scotland immediately springs to mind, even to the uninitiated. Indeed, Scotland is famous for its whisky. The Scots are still arguing with the Irish about who invented the whisky. Both have good and understandable arguments, which you are welcome to read in our posts on the history of Scottish whisky and the history of Irish whisky .