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Old Comber Distillery

Comber was an Irish distillery located some eight miles south-east of Belfast. Originally two seperate distilleries distillation occured across two sites called Upper and Lower Comber. Lower Comber wa... View Old Comber

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Cooley Distillery

The Cooley distillery is located on the Irish peninsula of the same name near Riverstown. Production When Dr. John Teeling started to distill on Easter Monday in 1987 with the Cooley Distillery, he di... View Cooley

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Old Midleton Distillery

A distillery was established in Midleton in 1825 by the Murphy family, who also operated a brewery in Cork. Two years earlier, the regulations on alcohol taxation were relaxed, so that the distillery ... View Old Midleton

Freedom and Whisky gang thegither!

Robert Burns

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Published 27/07/2020

Tullibardine is a fairly modern distillery, established in 1949 by the architect William Delmé-Evans (who was also responsible for Jura and Glenallachie) and C. I. Barrett a retired Excise Officer. Tu... View Tullibardine

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Upper Drummin

Published 27/07/2020

Around 1774 Andrew Smith begins distillation on his farm, he dies leaving this to his Son George who following the Excise Act of 1823, and much to the displeasure of his neighbours, themselves operati... View Upper Drummin

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Published 27/07/2020

The distillery with fivenames! Sometimes known as Willowbank, Wilson’s, Dunedin, Lammerlaw and more recently Milford. Distillation began in 1969 when the farm distillery was know as Willowbank Distill... View Willowbank