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Weidenauer distillery

Visually a beautiful courtyard, in terms of content a “fruit and grain workshop” - that’s what Oswald Weidenauer himself calls his distillery. In the building from 1830, in addition to poppies and creepers, a Waldviertel crop is processed that has become synonymous with the house. “Ossi” Weidenauer could print “specialist for oat whisky” on his business card. Because the naked oat (it’s really called that!) is more important here in Kottes than the rye. Practically all of the grain comes from our own land. It’s not just oats that go into the wood-fired cauldron. Weidenauer also has einkorn or Johannisrye in its range.

But the bulk of whisky production is made up of oats, which are also available unmalted as Waldviertler “single grain”. For the distiller it’s like “runny oatmeal”, but it also has the single malt to go with it. Connoisseurs will love the comparison with whisky made from malted grain. But with a total of seven bottlings, everyone will find their taste! And it will probably not remain the only purchase in the pretty farm shop.

The distillery in the Waldviertel is called the fruit and grain workshop and has also made a name for itself outside the region, mainly through word of mouth. Oswald Weidenauer practically grew up with the distilling tradition. While father and grandfather still distilled fruit for their own use on a small scale, distilling became his passion for the young farmer. Numerous awards have confirmed that he understands his craft, which finally prompted him to devote himself to a new topic – whisky. A wise decision, especially since the grain is available from our own cultivation. Mainly oats but also spelled and corn have been processed into grain and malt whisky since 1997. In addition to the French Alliere and Limousin oak, the local Mannhartsberger oak provides earthy aromas. The typical taste of grain comes to the fore through a subtle toasting of the barrel. Living with and from nature are the secrets of the Weidenauer family, who know how to use the best available raw materials to mature into whisky.

Weidenauer factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Weidenauer Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt, Grain Weidenauer Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group