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Waldviertler Granit distillery

As the name already suggests, the Waldviertel granite distillery is characterized by a special connection to the Waldviertel with its granite boulders. This is also reflected in the selection of raw materials for the whiskies, brandies and gins, for which regional and traditional types of fruit and grain are preferred - such as the Waldviertel Ur-Rye “Waldstaude” for the whisky of the same name - are used. The special water from the forest springs behind the distillery forms the basis for all distillates. With this basic idea and over 30 years of experience, Günther Mayer has already won over 500 awards in national and international competitions and most recently won the category “best specialities” at the Falstaff Spirits Trophy 2019.

The range includes a variety of whisky specialties, both classic and unusual fruit brandies, rum, gin and liqueurs. So there is something for every taste. For real collectors and connoisseurs, the products are also available in special and single cask bottlings. The “Gluatnest” whisky, a barley single malt that is kilned over Waldviertler peat, is particularly popular with advanced whisky lovers and fans of peaty whiskies.

A private distillery

A private home, right on the Czech border. But once the doors open, one cannot help but be amazed by Günther Mayer. Because there is little that he hasn’t had in the still (just don’t ask him about the onion distillate!). In addition to tangerines, bananas, brandy and pineapple, whisky is one of the “fruits” of its 150-litre still. The “W 4” is a blend of several grain brandies that pays homage to the homeland of the Waldviertel. Mayer calls his brandies “Edelprinz”, “Goldader” or “Gluatnest”, which differ wonderfully in terms of aroma.

The five whiskies of the experimental part-time distiller also include a specialty that is unique and smells like black bread. The wild, original form of the ubiquitous rye, called forest perennial, has become a distillate for connoisseurs here. But there is also a spelled single malt for friends of rarities. The soft water filtered by the granite is one of the secrets of this unusual collection. All the others are best tasted by Günther Mayer yourself.

Waldviertler Granit factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Waldviertler Granit Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt, Grain Waldviertler Granit Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group