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Kuenz Naturbrennerei distillery

That the whisky tradition in Dölsach is young means little. “Naturbrände Kuenz” can refer to a long tradition of distilling. Visible proof is the largest East Tyrolean apple culture, which you pass on the way to Florian and Johannes Kuenz. Accordingly, one should also taste the “Pregler” - one will rediscover the idea of ​​an “Obstler”. The brothers also go their own way when it comes to whisky, which was named after the local “Rauchkofel”. In 2014 they began to refine their own grain. The local brewery prepares the malt and the whisky warehouse - in the former cowshed! – constantly growing.

And this passion is picking up speed. This applies to the environmentally friendly firing of the still with wood, but also in the ripening room, where e.g. B. Pedro Ximénez-Sherry casks ensure fruity whisky. The comparison of this bottling with that from the port wine cask shows in Kuenz’s cozy Kost-Stüberl how quickly the connection to international standards was established. New is a smoky single malt. But that was almost to be expected in the shadow of the “Rauchkofel”.

Tradition meets modernity

The Kuenzhof in Dölsach in East Tyrol has been owned by the Kuenz family for around 400 years. We have always worked according to the credo “Preserve what is good and develop something new”. Therefore, what has been handed down for generations is refined and the profound expertise is expanded. The juicy fruit from the farm’s own gardens and the grain from our own fields ensure the fruity taste of the spirits, liqueurs and whisky.

If a pleasure is almost indescribable, you should - no, you have to - convince yourself of it if possible. For example, with a visit to the Kuenz natural distillery. In addition to the traditional products and the new creations of young people, you can also enjoy the view of the Lienz valley floor and discover many other exciting details. The farm has a lot to offer for young and old and is definitely worth a visit.

A new generation of whisky

Breaking new ground, doing pioneering work, producing high-quality results - this is also in the blood of the sons Johannes and Florian. With the new “RAUCHKOFEL Single Malt Whisky”, the 12th generation remains true to themselves and set new milestones.For the first time, East Tyrolean barley is malted and distilled before it matures in massive oak barrels on the farm to become an intensive, unique East Tyrolean single malt whisky.The RAUCHKOFEL single malt whisky combines exquisite local barley, crystal-clear water from the St.Georgs spring and the art of distilling cultivated and refined by the Kuenz family over 200 years to create an extraordinary taste experience. It is bottled exclusively by hand and in small batches right at the foot of the Dolomites. Storage in oak casks and finishing in sherry casks give it its unmistakable character.

Kuenz Naturbrennerei factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Kuenz Naturbrennerei Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt, Grain Kuenz Naturbrennerei Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group