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Tullamore distillery

This distillery, which belongs to William Grant & Sons, has been in production since 2014. There was already an (Old) Tullamore distillery, of which only a very exciting visitor center is left today. In fact, the distillery was named after its tranquil hometown of Tullamore.

How does Tullamore Whiskey taste?

The style of the distillery impresses with its mild aromas, a soft feel on the tongue and a very round overall impression. For the mild style of the whiskeys, mostly ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels are used.

How is Tullamore whiskey produced?

William Grant & Sons spared neither expense nor effort to bring all equipment up to the state of the art for their revival of the Tullamore distillery. The distillery has a total of six stills - one wash, intermediate and spirit still per whiskey type. Malt whiskey and pot still whiskey are produced. The extremely long gooseneck of the wash still for pot still whiskey is striking. Exactly in the middle it grows out of the belly of the still. To get high quality water, a 14 km long pipeline was laid in the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

History of the Tullamore Distillery

Tullamore DEW will not be made in the Midleton distillery, the largest in the country, for long. With the sale of the brand to William Grant & Sons and the renaming of the brand to Tullamore DEW (stands for the initials of the former distillery owner Daniel E. Williams), it was decided to revive the Tullamore distillery, which had been closed many years ago. This happened not least because Midleton was reaching the limits of its capacities with the increasing demand for their most important brand, Jameson Whiskey.

“Give every man his dew”

If you are planning a tour or a tasting, then a visitor center is at your disposal. You can also book tours online in advance. The former Tullamore Heritage Center was reopened in 2012 under the name Tullamore DEW Visitor Center. Several million went into the renovation and expansion of the former customs warehouse of the old distillery, which is home to the visitor center. The building dates back to 1897.

The “old” Tullamore distillery was founded in 1829 - right on the Grand Canal in the small town of Tullamore. The direct connection to the waterway made the distribution of the whiskey much easier. The namesake Daniel E. Williams led the distillery to fame; the original founding father, however, was a certain Michael Malloy.