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Pfau distillery

Yes, you are right here! The “peacock” has its kingdom on the huge premises of the Zuge brewery in the state capital. The history of the distillery name is also the history of Valentin Latschen, one of the most renowned distillers in Austria. It began in the family-owned orchard and inn “Pfau” in the Carinthian Jauntal. At the turn of the millennium, Latschen decided against gastronomy and moved to Klagenfurt. Just two years later the first whisky was available in the brewery cellar.

The premises of the historic brewery open up new dimensions when it comes to access to brewing yeast, but also to malt. You won’t find barrel finishes with “Pfau”, Valentin Latschen loves whisky, which clearly transports the fruity notes of the top-fermented yeast. His standard grain brandy matures for eight years, but connoisseurs will also find spelled whisky in the atmospheric Zuge vaults. With a lot of luck there is also the single cask bottling, which was filled for the anniversary of the distillery (30 years) and the peacock whiskies (15 years). And that in cask strength!

“Not just good, but distilling the best schnapps” is the motto of the Pfau distillery in Klagenfurt. With time, patience, calm and maturity, this goal has been achieved for decades. In the meantime, under the direction of Valentin Latschen, the distillery has developed from a small “cellar distillery” into a quality distillery that is known throughout Europe. When in 2000 the focus was not only on fruit, but also on the production of beer spirits, the foundation stone for whisky was laid. It is not far from beer to whisky and in 2003 the first whisky production started. The malt is kilned over beech wood and forms the basis for an excellent single malt that matures in Limousin oak barrels. Spring water from our own home guarantees ready-to-drink enjoyment. The malt impresses with classic whisky notes, with a nuanced texture, elegant style and beautiful substance. A whisky that enriches the product range of the distillery and once again brings nature into the glass.

Pfau factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Pfau Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt Pfau Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group