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Broger distillery

With its variety of grains, the private distillery in Klaus is certainly one of the most exciting whisky houses in Austria. At the beginning there was the “beautiful hobby”, the grandfather’s right to distill fruit. In 2008 Eugen and Bruno Broger released the first whisky from the still. Since then, the focus has increasingly been on the Vorarlberg grain, which is distilled as a pure variety: spelt, wheat, rye and above all the Riebelmais, which every Vorarlberger knows (although not as whisky).

A completely different caliber is probably the smokiest whisky in the country - “Burn Out” shows how experimental the AWA distillers are. And after the whole family is involved, the ideas don’t run out either. This also applies to the rare cigarillo barrels (109 litres), which enable more intensive and accelerated maturation. At the same time, the “Triple Cask”, a whisky made from Limousin oak, sherry and Madeira casks, awaits visitors to the distillery.​

Hardly anyone manages to produce whisky as innovatively as the Broger family from Vorarlberg. While the grandparents were already processing fruit into distillates, Bruno and Eugen Broger ventured beyond this area in 2008 and became enthusiastic about the production of whisky.

The entire manufacturing process, from grinding, mashing, to distillation and storage, is carried out in the family business in Klaus. When it comes to the raw material, in addition to barley malt from Germany and Scotland, they increasingly rely on the proverbial “local roots”. Local farmers in the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley grow the grain such as Riebelmais, malting barley, wheat, rye and spelled for the HOAMAT whiskies. With the single malt “Triple Cask” several years of maturation in new oak, sherry and Madeira casks results in a harmonious whisky that surprises with malty-nutty and dry sherry tones. their creativity is once again confirmed.rog

Broger factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Broger Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt, Grain Broger Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group