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Keckeis distillery

Rarely is whisky tasted as comprehensibly as in Rankweil with Harald Keckeis. On the one hand, this is due to the close proximity of the tasting tables to the shimmering copper Holstein distillery that dominates the elegant room. But a visit to Keckeis also makes it possible to taste the metamorphosis from unaged grain brandy – here it is called “Moonshiner XXX” – to whisky enriched with cask aromas. Another special feature is the “Still Man’s”, a beer that combines the first stage of grain fermentation with hops.

Two things are important to the distiller: a lean range and the continental origin. The latter also emphasizes the yeast of the Keckeis whiskies; it comes from the Fohrenburger brewery. There is also malt smoked with beech wood to clearly emphasize the Vorarlberg homeland. Because Harald Keckeis wants “that my whisky has to be reproducible”. So it is always sherry casks that he uses for his single malt. Also for his rare bottling “Still Man’s Finest”, which should definitely be tasted.

​## The creativeAs a passionate cook and connoisseur, Harald Keckeis became interested in distilling fruit distillates at a young age. Through his creativity, he soon developed his own brand, which stands for quality and uniqueness. Thanks to his commitment and enthusiasm, his distillery is now one of the top distilleries in Austria. After the master distiller started with whisky in 2008, just four years later 80% of the entire production was dedicated to whisky. A perfect corporate philosophy is reflected in the increasing demand. For the single malt, part of the barley is kilned with beech wood smoke. The storage in American oak with sherry pre-assignment and crystal-clear alpine spring water from the Silvretta-Arlberg massif ensure a successful finish. The result is a single malt with slightly smoky notes and hints of fruity banana. If you taste his single malt, you will understand why you should pre-order here. The Keckeis distillery stands for simplicity in its most beautiful meaning - simply good, simply constant, simply modern, simply unmistakable.

Keckeis factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Keckeis Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt, Grain Keckeis Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group