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Rogner distillery

The products of Hermann and Elisabeth Rogner are “well grounded!” After all, their company, the Rogner distillery in Roiten near Rappottenstein in the Waldviertel, is on the best ground. Created for special and excellent fruit and grain brandies, whisky, liqueurs, rum and other spirits as well as fruity creations.

Green forests, lush meadows, the clear, natural Kamp river and a lot of tradition are indispensable for the Rogners. Hermann runs the business with his wife Elisabeth in the second generation, daughter Anna grows up on the parental farm. With the knowledge about the distillery that has been handed down, Hermann is continuing his father’s passion and has adapted procedures and processes with ambition and an innovative spirit in recent years.

Exceptional quality products are created from the use of regionally available raw materials, many of which are sourced from our own farm. The natural landscape directly behind the house and on the banks of the Roitenbach is a supplier of valuable herbs and other essences. In addition to the sustainably managed grain fields, a few hectares of forest round off the Rogner family’s business and supply the wood for the distillery.

Hermann Rogner explains: “Sometimes our day-to-day activities rob us of a clear view, we then lose focus on what is really important – it is all the more important to know where you are at home, who you are and what you are doing! That works very well for us in Roiten - in the middle of nature!”

When a whisky matures for 18 years under ideal conditions, then the expectations are high: on the one hand, OLD JOHN, distilled from both rare and original St. John’s rye, fulfills these expectations magnificently - because these 18 years were granted to it in Roiten in the Rogners’ cask store in true peace, and on the other hand, St. John’s rye gives it extraordinary strength, a strong aroma and an individual and expressive taste ensemble - which can only develop over the course of many years. “It depends on how you do it. – Tinker, but don’t overdo the details, make sure you don’t lose sight of the essentials! Going traditional ways, but also thinking outside the box – the result counts!” Hermann Rogner comments on the uniqueness of his OLD JOHN. And adds: “I know how it works, making whisky! But I don’t always know how to do it even better - you have to be able to admit that too.”

Rogner factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Rogner Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt, Grain Rogner Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group