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This page was deliberately orphaned, and remains unlinked. Please leave it so. Part idle curiosity, part answer to a question I otherwise prefer not to engage with.

Where Was Whisky Invented?

No one knows. The origin of distillation is no secret, the creation of beer is another matter though Mesopotamia seems likely. The first whisky produced however is not something that can be known without access to a time machine and dictionaries to a few dead languages.

My personal suspicion is that while the creation of beer likely occured independently to multiple disperate tribes the art of distillation was one that had to be taught. The art of distillation almost certainly passed from Ireland to Scotland and given that the first whisky was most likely created in Ireland. Regardless the spirit created than and the one created now are distant cousins at best.

Debating the point is like arguing with a landlord over rent, a pointless endevour at best, and one guaranteed of causing a fight. We know the egg came before the chicken, we will never know for certain if the Irish came before the Scots.

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