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Whisky can benefit from being slightly diluted with water when tasting: the whisky is “unlocked” and the aromas can be better perceived. A whisky pipette enables the exact dosing of the water into the glasses and is an popular accessory for connoisseurs. For those not willing to part with a couple of quid for a pipette a water jug and teaspoon are an excellent fallback, though there’s no denying whisky aater sropper shaped like pot stills, angel or thistles are pretty stylish!

When is it worth diluting a whisky with water?

When adding water to the whisky, it should be noted that by far not every bottling benefits from it. In the case of heavily bottled whiskies (e.g. Cask Strength ), adding water is usually not a problem, as there is enough leeway here. In the case of single malts with an alcohol content of 40% , however, the whisky is quickly diluted too much, so that it appears rather narrow, weak and watery in the mouth. When diluting whisky, you always need a sure instinct, which is why a whisky pipette is usually used for this.

A whisky pipette helps to break down the whisky

When diluting whisky with water, it is best not to give a thumbs up. If you simply put a roughly estimated amount of water into your tasting glass from a whisky jug or tap, there is a high risk that the whisky will receive significantly more water than intended. The desired effect is then sometimes clearly missed. The professional dosage of the water is best achieved with a whisky pipette, with which the personal optimal drinking strength can be determined drop by drop.

Most whisky pipettes have a capacity of 3 to 10 milliliters. Put one milliliter in your whisky glass with about 20 drops. You will see that a few pipette fillings are required to bring a barrel strength from 67 percent to 43 percent by volume drinking strength. But that doesn’t have to be the case in every case. The best thing to do is to get closer to your level of wellbeing, drop by drop.

Comparison of whisky pipettes made of glass

If you are looking for a whisky pipette, you can choose between simple models made of plastic and high-quality glass pipettes. The latter look much more elegant and, if handled carefully, will give you long-lasting pleasure. In the following table we compare some of the most popular whisky pipettes:

faqs ##what is a Whisky pipette A whisky pipette enables the exact dosing of the water into the glasses and is an important accessory for connoisseurs

##How does a whisky pipette work? When using a whisky - pipette , it is crucial on which it is based operation. The whisky - pipettes with rubber grip, take the water from a bowl, for example, by co-pressed and released again the rubber. This is exactly how you dose the water drop by drop into the glass.

Why do you put drops of water in the whisky?

The water ensures that a certain taste-imparting substance tends to stay on the surface and thus provides more taste and smell, as Swedish researchers write in the journal “Scientific Reports”. Your investigation could help to further improve spirits.

Why do you need a whisky pipette?

To get more flavors out of a whisky, connoisseurs like to add a few drops of water. With cask strength whisky, this is still quite easy to do. Special carafes with very narrow spouts can be used to add a small amount of water to dilute the whisky .

But it becomes a little more difficult for bottlings with drinking strengths between 40 and 47 percent. Here you should only dilute the whisky with a few drops of low-mineral water. This is exactly what the whisky pipette is for, with which you can only dose very little water very precisely.

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