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Woodinville distillery

Woodinville factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Woodinville Washington USA
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active 2010 - Present Grain Woodinville Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group
David Pickerell Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile

Can I tour Woodinville?

Yes Woodinville distillery is tourable. On Trip Advisor the distillery has been rated as excellent by 92 of 134 tours to date. This gives Woodinville an overall rating of 4.5

Latest reviews

Don’t.... Just Don’t. by Pilotgal

I love my scotch and bourbon. We plan trips to taste various liquors. I’ve been to numerous distilleries and NEVER have I had the pourer tell me I had to finish a sample prior to trying the second offering a flight. She was stymied when I asked where the dump barrel was. She used the same dram for every single sample and we weren’t allowed to compare. Hell I even bring my own oat cakes to nosh between samples. But not here. They call their first sample light. Yeah it was light alrighty. The sweet young thing was proud of her whisky but was perplexed that all we left with was syrup. To end our visit, the other tender picked up our glasses by sticking her fingers all over them and then picking up a clean dram to take to another table WITHOUT washing her hands. They both took money, touched all number of glasses, cash, pens and NEVER WASHED THEIR HANDS.... during COVID!! Run.... there are many many other distilleries in Seattle or maybe just pop across the street to Chateau St. Michelle....

Must-Try Whiskey Tasting by Jason Hennig

We came here for a tasting for my wife's birthday. On the one hand, I would not by any means call myself an expert on whiskey. On the other hand, I do keep several brands on hand at home, so I'm not exactly going in totally blind either. That said, this was easily some of the best whiskey I've ever had, and the tasting experience was absolutely worth it. At $10 a flight, it was something I would happily and heartily recommend without hesitation.The one footnote I'll add is that tours were not available for us due to COVID-19, so I don't know when that restriction will be lifted.

Yum Yum Fantastic Vodka by Denise8899

Excellent food, excellent experience - and oh my goodness, the vodka is just about - no change that - the vodka is absolutely delicious. The best I’ve ever had. I have to figure out a way to order it on their website or somebody else’s - I didn’t see it there...I love Woodinville, but it’s about a 45 minute drive from where I live.I’d take it over Tito’s, Skyy, Absolut , Grey Goose, Stolie, etc.

Rating Reviews
Excellent 92
Very good 30
Average 10
Poor 1
Terrible 1