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Pfanner distillery

Yes, Walter Pfanner is one of the Pfanners - famous for fruit juices and spirits. And this expertise as a beverage manufacturer and retailer also characterizes the whiskies to which Lauteracher committed itself back in 2005. If you walk through the barrel store, Pfanner’s joy in the subtleties of the different woods and pre-assignments - for example with red wines from the winemakers Robert Keringer and Markus Kirnbauer or sherry - is contagious.

A 30% smoked malt content has established itself, which also provides an exciting opponent for the fruity red wine barrels. And with the “Smoky” there is also a spicier bottling with the distinctive rabbit logo in the spacious cellars of the company premises. The fact that there is also an increase is in the nature of the distiller, who likes to grope his way to the ideal using all parameters, but above all really loves playing with malt and barrels. Because the entrepreneur no longer has to prove anything to anyone. But you can also use a glass of “X-Peated” to modify a slogan that is known throughout Austria: “The Pfanner can make whisky”.

The one with the rabbit

The history of the house of Pfanner begins more than 150 years ago with an inn and a small brewery. Soon afterwards, brandies and fine liqueurs were also being produced. Today, Pfanner is internationally known for its fruit juices and iced teas. For years, Walter Pfanner has dedicated himself with a special passion to the production of exceptional spirits. Experience and down-to-earthness have also shown in the fifth generation how things work. The hare - a suitable trademark that adorns the bottles and stands for impulsive vitality. This impulsiveness and the innovative spirit of Walter Pfanner finally led him to the production of whisky. In 2005 the first single malt was produced. High-quality summer brewing barley is the basis for around 10,000 liters of whisky that are filled every year. Used sherry and sweet wine casks, as well as regional mountain spring water ensure a rich whisky that inspires with a complex fragrance and tart taste. With this whisky, Walter Pfanner has continued the tradition of the family business and has shown that passion, passion and honesty are prerequisites for a good product.

Pfanner factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Pfanner Austria
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active - Present Malt Pfanner Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group