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Mackmyra distillery

The Swedish Mackmyra distillery is about two hours by car north of Stockholm, and quite close to the Gulf of Bothnia.


From the barley to the water, Mackmyra only uses Swedish ingredients. However, the two copper stills come from the renowned Scottish coppersmith Forsyths. The 37 meter high production building is unique and was specially designed for single malt production.

In the seven-story building, the ingredients are transported to the top floor and the rest is done by gravity. With the help of gravity you can fill the finished spirit into the barrels in the basement of the building. Some of the barrels are only 30l in size and are stored in warehouses on site and around the world.

Mackmyra produces two basic recipes, one of which is smoky, the other completely unpeated. The makers of Swedish whisky keep on finding new barrels and bottling over 200 bottles, one of which is dedicated to the band Motorhead. Independent bottlings by the distillery are very rare.


During a ski trip with four young couples who liked to drink whisky in 1998, the idea arose to distill their own whisky according to their own ideas. Only a year later, the plan was put into practice in an old mill.

The malt flowed there from 2000 to 2012, until the buildings of the old mill became too small and a completely new still was built. Since April 2013, single malt has been produced in the new building. What once emerged as a crazy idea of ​​the Swedish friends became Sweden’s largest and oldest single malt still.

Mackmyra factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Mackmyra G?vle Sweden
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active 1999 - Present Malt Mackmyra Tour Link
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group
Angela D'Orazio

Can I tour Mackmyra?

No, unfortunately Mackmyra distillery is not open to the public for tours