Lomond distillery

Along with Inverleven, Lomond was not a distillery as such but rather a distillery within a distillery. Within the vast Dumbarton grain distillery established in 1838 a malt distillery (a pair of pot stills) was added to support the creation of the Ballentine’s blend. Seeking to create more of a lighter fruity spirit Alistair Cunningham and Arthur Warren designed a new adjustable pot still known as a Lomond still and in 1959 it was pressed into action imaginatively as the Lomond distillery. Sadly the still/distillery was mothballed in 1985 with only a small amount of malt having been made available, most notably via the SMWS as code 98. In a happier turn the Lomond still with some modifications and now nicknamed ‘Ugly Betty’ is housed at Bruichladdich distillery producing their Botanist gin

Lomond factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Lomond low*mond Lowlands Scotland
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Lost 1956 - 1985 Malt Lomond Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group
Chivas Brothers

Lomond Timeline:

1938: The Dumbarton distillery complex is founded

1955: The Lomond still is invented by Alistair Cunningham and Arthur Warren

1956: The Lomond still fitted at Dumbarton

1985: Lomond distillery is mothballed

1992: Alistair Cunningham retires

2002: Dumbarton distillery is mothballed

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Can I tour Lomond?

No, unfortunately Lomond distillery is not open to the public for tours