Distillery Factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Lochside Highlands Scotland
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Closed 1957 - 1992 Malt Lochside Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group

Lochside Timeline:

1830-36: Lochside 1 Built by Gilkinson, McKersie & Co.. Original partners were Peter Gilkinson, William Hunter and William McKersie when dissolved

1836: Lochside 1 Gilkinson, McKersie & Co. dissolved

....-1852: Lochside 1 Continued by Gilkinson & Hunter, at least until 1852, after McKersie retired and Peter Hunter, William Hunter’s son, became partner

< 1852: Lochside 1 Distillery closed, which makes it one of the shortest-lived distilleries in Campbeltown

2005: Lochside 1 The site is now a garage