Perhaps the least likely distillery to exist Kingsbarns was the brain child of Douglas Clement, a former pro golf caddy with no background in the industry. Happily he had sufficient connection to wealthy investors and a little luck. Clement notes that he was "fed up sending my golfing clients out of Fife to visit a distillery and I thought, surely there’s an opportunity to create a distillery close to the golf courses?”/q>. With a £1.6 million target, despite securing £100,000 funding and a government grant of £670,000 it looked unlikely that Clement’s dream of a Kingsbarns distillery would go ahead.

Happily the attempt attracted the attention of the Wemyss family (owners of Wemyss Malts) who co-incidentally had owned part of the Cambo Estate between 1759 and 1783. In January 2013, in a buyout that saw Clement remaining as a director the the business was sold to the Wemyss family. Work began on Kingsbarns distillery within six months and the distillery was up and running within 18 months.

Distillery Factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Kingsbarns Lowlands Scotland
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active 2014 - Present Malt Kingsbarns Tour Link
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group
Douglas Clement Douglas Clement

Kingsbarns Timeline:

2009: Douglas Clement raises £100,000 funding to begin the development project

2012: The Scottish Government Food Processing Marketing and Co-operation Grant of £670,000 is awarded to the project

2013: Falling short of the £1.6 million needed Clement sells the company to the Wemyss family

2014: Visitor Centre was opened on St Andrews Day

2015: Distilling started in January

2018: The first whisky (3 years of age) will be ready in 2018

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