Belgrove distillery

Belgrove distillery is a rye focused farm based artisan distillery in Australia. Founded in 2015 on the island state of Tasmania by Peter Bignell. Belgrove is the only distillery in Australia selling paddock to bottle rye whisky. As a small farm distillery Belgrove is growing rye on site.

How is Belgrave whisky Produced?

stainless steel mash tun with aCapacity of 1,000Liters

The also 1,000Liter fermentation tank from Waldner imAllgäu (BRD) is a converted cooling container forMilk. Two plastic containersare of the same volumealready ordered. Fermentation took 5-7 days, according to Mr. Bignell, and results in aRye beer with about 7 percentAlcohol. This is then done ina first firing step forlow wine with a good 25 percentAlcohol worked up. Eachthree batches of low wineare then in the pot stilltogether as a spirit run to thefinished new make burnedSo far there have been three suchspirit runs that produced usPeter offers to try. The nose has flowery


Peter Bignell came to whisky-making by agricultural accident in 2008. Following a bumper crop of rye at his farm in Kempton Peter bought a welder, got some lessons off a friend, built his own 600 liter still and started making whisky.

A reclaimed laundromat tumble dryer is used for malting, cooking oil from the roadhouse next to his farm provides the fuel for distillation. In time the agricultural scientist hopes to follow the Floki example and use sheep manure from under his shearing shed as an alternative to peat.

The maltings are managed on a small 2-3 metre squared space as only 20% of the grain for the Belgrove is malted, the remaining 80% is left unmalted. This is possible due to the high diastatic power of malted barley.

Belgrove factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Belgrove Tasmania Australia
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active 2010 - Present Rye Belgrove Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group
Peter Bignell Peter Bignell