Amrut distillery

Amrut is one of the most renowned whisky manufacturers in the Asian region, and operate at a great price-performance ratio. Make sure to taste the exotic Indian single Malts from Amrut. Smoke fans should taste the Amrut Peated, those who likes milder non-smoky should reach for the Amrut Raj Igala.

Amrut Whisky

Amrut is a distillery in India near the city of Bangalore, which produces, among other things, single malt whisky. Indian whiskies have been enjoying a growing popularity for some years and Amrut broke into the UK in 2004 and has been winning over European markets ever since.

House style

How does Amrut taste whisky?Despite youthful bottlings, the house style of the distillery is characterized by a high degree of complexity with many exotic spices and fruity elements.


How is Amrut Whisky manufactured?Both the water and the grain are obtained from the territory of the Himalayas. In combination with the oak barrels, India’s exotic climate ensures a very special complexity. The distillery is located 900 meters above sea level, not far from the city of Bangalore, which is considered as a garden city of India. The whisky is distilled in small batches in order to obtain as many flavors as possible on the spirit.

Since whisky matures much faster in the hot climate of India, it can be bottled after as little as 8 months. The Amrut master blender assumes that whisky matures around three times as quickly in India than in Scotland. Because with 11 to 12% Angels’ share, the proportion that evaporates in one year is about six times as high as in Scotland.


In 1947, the British colonial rule ended in India. A year later, in 1948, the Amrut Distillery was founded by Shri J.N. Radhakrishna in India. The name Amrut comes from Indian mythology. As gods and demons -so called Rakshasas -the sea with the help of the mountain Meru stirred up, they brought to light a golden pot that contained the elixir of life. This Elixir, known in Sanskrit as amrita is translated as “nectar of the gods”. This is the basis of the name Amrut.

The Amrut distillery used today was only built in 1987. In addition to the normal still, Amrut also has a re-distillation system in order to be able to distill particularly neutral alcohol. The Amrut distillery employs around 450 people, but it not only produces whisky, but also rum, gin and other spirits. Each bottle is packed manually. The malt used for the single malt comes from the Punjap and Rajasthan regions 2500 kilometers away.

Amrut factsheet

Name Pronounced AKA Region Country of Origin
Amrut Bangalore India
Status Active Whisky Type Website Tours Available
Active 1987 - Present Malt Amrut Not Available
Manager Distiller Blender Owned by Parent Group
Surinder Kumar Neelakanta Rao Jagdale