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The Lower

The below is taken from The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom by Alfred Barnard first published in 1887.

The Lower Distillery, Comber, co. Down.

THIS Distillery is but a short walk from the work described in the previous Chapter. It has the same water supply for distilling purposes, and is under the same management.

Originally a paper mill, it was converted into a Distillery by Messrs. Burns and Griffithin about the year 1825, and subsequently became the property of the late Mr. John Miller, who disposed of it, along with the Upper Distillery, to Mr. Samuel Bruce in the year 1871.

It is situated on the River Inlet, which receives its supply of water from Ballymallidy Lough and several rivulets rising in the neighbouring hills.

The establishment is built on the same lines as the Upper Distillery, and contains a similar number of vessels and two old Pot Stills. In the yard of the works are to be found a Cooperage, Blacksmiths’ and Carpenters’ Shops, Stables, &c. The annual output is nearly 150,000 gallons.

Five Excise officers are employed in the two Distilleries, the chief being Mr. Thomas Galway.

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