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The below is taken from The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom by Alfred Barnard first published in 1887.

Glenguin Distillery, Old Killearn.

ON leaving Glenfoyle we proceeded by rail to Old Killearn passing on our way through a lovely country. The Distillery is situated at the base of Dungoyne, and just below a romantic waterfall 50 feet in height, which supplies all the water used in the works.

We walked from the station to Glenguin, a distance of half-a-mile, and at once proceeded to inspect the Distillery, under the guidance of the Manager. It was built in the year 1833, covers about two acres of ground, and consists of a Granary, 150 feet long, and three Malt Barns, each capable of working 100 quarters at one time, with usual Steeps. From these buildings our guide conducted us to the Kiln, 24 feet square, floored with wire cloth where coke and peat are burned in drying the malt; next crossing a gang-way we came to the Malt-deposit and Milt, the latter containing a pair of malt rollers and the grinding machinery. On leaving this place we entered the Mash House, and were shown a Mash-tun holding 2,200 gallons, and fitted with revolving stirring gear; also an Underback, placed on the floor of the house, holding 800 gallons, and in close proximity one of Miller’s Patent Refrigerators. We were next taken to the Tun Room, a neat white-washed building, wherein are placed six Washbacks, five holding 2,000 gallons each, and one 3,500 gallons; at an elevation is the Wash-charger, containing 3,500 gallons. Passing through a doorway we came to the Still House, which contains two old Pot Stills, a Wash Still holding 1,210 gallons, and a Spirit Still 850 gallons; on a platform are placed a Low Wines Receiver, containing 600 gallons, a Low Wines and Feints Charger, of similar capacity, and a Spirit Receiver, holding 800 gallons. The Worm-tubs are placed in the open on the hill-side, and fed with water from the Burn. We may here mention that the Spirits are distilled three times by the various processes of working in this Distillery. A short distance from the Still House is the Spirit Store, which contains a vat holding 945 gallons; and next door an Engine House, wherein is a 12-horse power engine, and a steam boiler 18 feet long by 6 feet in diameter. Crossing the main road, we inspected the four bonded Warehouses, capable of holding together 2,000 casks; one of the recently erected is 80 feet long by 60 feet broad. There is a capital house for the manager on the works, excise and clerks’ offices, etc., nine persons being employed in the establishment.

The make, which is principally sold in Glasgow and London, is pure Malt and the annual output is 45,000 gallons.

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