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The below is taken from The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom by Alfred Barnard first published in 1887. You can find the distillery profile at our Glenburgie overview

Glenburgie Distillery, near Forres.

FORRES is the junction for the delightful Highland route from Inverness to Perth, which takes in the Pass of Killiecrankie and Blair Athole. It is four miles from Forres to the Glenburgie Distillery, which is situated in a valley, and is a short distance from a range of hills, from which can be seen Sutherlandshire, Caithness, and Ben Wyvis; indeed, this giant mountain can be seen any clear day along the coast for 70 miles. Glenburgie is a very ancient Distillery, and about as old fashioned as it is possible to conceive. It was founded in the year 1810 by the grandfather of the celebrated surgeon, Dr. Liston Paul, of London, and is said to be one of the oldest Distilleries in the north, having been steadily worked for over seventy years.

The Malt House is of an old-fashioned type, and built with stone. It is two stories high, the top being used for storing barley, with the usual Steep, and the ground floor for Malting. Connected with the building there is a small Kiln, floored with perforated bricks, and heated with peats brought from the celebrated peat deposits of the Dava and Dallas Moors. Adjoining is the Malt Deposit and Mill, the latter with the usual grinding machinery. At the end of the yard is the Still House, which contains the following vessels: a Mash-tun, 10 feet in diameter and 3½ feet deep, Heating Copper, Underback, Worts Receiver, Refrigerator, Spirits and Feints Receiver, Wash Charger, and two small Pot Stills, holding respectively 1,500 gallons and 800 gallons.

In the Fermenting Room there are five Washbacks, with an average capacity of 2,430 gallons each. Three new Bonded Warehouses have lately been added, and in proportion to the size of the works the Warehouse accommodation is extensive.

We may further add that, in addition to the beauty of its surroundings, this Distillery is situated in the centre of the finest barley growing district of the north. The water used is taken from local springs of great purity, whilst a small burn drives the water-wheel.

The Whisky is pure Highland Malt, and is said to be of fine quality. We were informed that the sales are principally confined to select wine merchants, and the annual output is about 24,000 gallons. The establishment is two miles from Kinloss Station. Messrs. Fraser & Co., the present proprietors, succeeded Charles Kay in the business.

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