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The below is taken from The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom by Alfred Barnard first published in 1887.

Dalaruan Distillery, Campbeltown.

CONTINUING our Distillery visitations we wended our way to Lochend, the classic part of the town, where is situated the Dalaruan Distillery, which takes its name from Dalruhadhain, the old royal name of the place, and was founded in 1824 by Charles Colvill, grand-father of the present managing partner, Charles Colvill Greenlees. Some few years ago Messrs. David Colvill & Co. considerably enlarged the establishment, and made important additions to the plant and appliances, so that the work now covers nearly three acres of ground.

On entering the court yard we ascended a stair case, which brought us to the Distillery offices, where after a short interview with the principal partner we made a tour of the buildings under the guidance of the Manager. We first inspected the three Barley Lofts and four Malt-barns, which are built of stone and well lighted, the former are capable of holding 5,000 quarters of grain; the latter are of the following measurements, Nos. 1 and 2 are 100 feet by 31, No. 3 is 90 feet by 32, and No. 4 is 90 feet by 36. Three of the Steeps in these buildings will wet eight tons and the other six at one time. Connected with the Maltings are two capital Kilns, each about 33 feet square, and floored with Bridgwater tiles; Peat only is used in drying the Malt.

We then passed on to the Mill which contains the usual machinery, then the grist-loft, and the usual Hopper for feeding the Tun, from thence to the Mash House, a roomy building, which contains the heating coppers and a large Mash Tun capable of mashing 2,000 bushels at one time; also the Underback placed below the Tun.

The coolers, which are of iron and of large size, are placed in the open, so that they cool the Worts rapidly. We next entered the Tun Room and inspected the seven Washbacks, passing from there to the Still-House, which contains three Pot Stills, holding 2,750, 1,886, and 850 gallons respectively. The Wash Charger is placed on an elevation, but the three Receivers are sunk into the floor.

Adjoining this House there is a Spirit Store, which contains a Vat holding 1050 gallons, and in close proximity a 7-horse power steam engine and boiler, the latter 20 feet long and 7 feet in diameter.

Our guide then directed us to the five Bonded Warehouses, which are distributed about the premises, the largest of them measures 130 feet long by 60 broad, and the whole contain nearly 3,000 casks. Inside the enclosure there are two wells, 9 feet from the surface, containing natural springs of the greatest purity, and used principally for reducing purposes. Most of the work in the Distillery is done by gravitation; and there are sixteen men employed. The Whisky is Campbeltown Malt and is sold chiefly in London, the west coast of Scotland, and the Colonies.

Annual output 112,000 gallons.

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