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Saint Magdalene

Sometimes known as 'Linlithgow', St Magdalene's distillery is often viewed as one of the great lost distilleries of the 1980s, often fetching north of £800 at auction. The victim of overproduction and strategic re-positioning the majority of the site is now lost, being redeveloped into residential flats in the early 1990s. The malting barn and kiln with Doig style pagoda ventilators have now been registered as a C Grade listed building so the site will remain for the foreseeable future.

NamePronouncedAKARegionCountry of Origin
Saint Magdalenesaint mag*del*enaSt. Magdalene, LinlithgowLowlandsScotland
StatusActiveWhisky TypeWebsiteTours Available
Not Available
ManagerDistillerBlenderOwned byParent Group

Saint Magdalene Timeline:

1750 : Bulzion is the first recorded distillery in Linlithgow

1765 : The Bonnytoun distillery is established by Andrew Dawson, one of the first recorded licensed distillers

: Sebastian Henderson is granted land adjacent to Bonnytoun by the Countess of Dalhousie and establishes St Magdelene

1795 : Andrew Dawson purchases the St Magdalene distillery from Sebastian Henderson

1798 : Andrew Dawson incorporates the Bonnytourn distillery into St Magdalene

1829 : Adam Dawson Senior was succeeded by Adam & John Dawson

1834 : The distillery was moved to be near supplies of coal and coke transported along the canal

1894 : A. & J. Dawson was incorporated as a limited liability company

1912 : Saint Magdalene / Linlithgow was purchased by Distiller's Company Ltd. following the liquidation of A. & J. Dawson

1914 : The distillery is managed by the subsidiary Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. (SMD)

1927 : The distillery was refitted

1960 : The stills are converted to mechanical stoking

1971 : The stills are converted to steam heating

1983 : The distillery is closed

1989 : The distillery is redeveloped for residential use