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Fuji Gotemba

The Fuji Gotemba Distillery, built 620 meters above sea level at the foot of mount Fuji in 1972 by Kirin. Its elevation ensures that the distillery’s temperatures range only a few degrees higher than the Scottish distilleries keeping both aging rate and alcohol loss within normal levels. The distillery produces one single malt whisky released under two labels, the 18 year old Fuji Gotemba expression and the 24 & 18 year old blend (which carries the age statement of the youngest cask) called Fujisanrokuor “At the feet of Fuji”, along with three grain whiskies.

NamePronouncedAKARegionCountry of Origin
Fuji GotembaShizuokaJapan
StatusActiveWhisky TypeWebsiteTours Available
Fuji GotembaNot Available
ManagerDistillerBlenderOwned byParent Group
Takehiko NohmibKirin Distillery Company

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