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Dalmunach is the newest and 14th addition to the Chivas family of distilleries, established on the site of the lost Imperial distillery, in operation since 2014. Sadly much like Diagio's Roseisle not one drop of the whisky made at Dalmunach is intended to be bottled as Malt, but rather to feed the groups blend portfolio, even more tragic as the onion shaped spirit stills are replicas of those at Imperial

The distillery build was overseen by Douglas Cruickshank formerly production director at Chivas and who began working at the old Imperial site aged only 15. A feature wall was built using bricks reclaimed from the Imperial mill and kiln and the legacy Porteous mill has been preserved in the mill room. It's presence is purely aesthetic however as virtually every part of the state of the art distillery is automated

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Trevor BuckleyChivas Brothers

Dalmunach Timeline:

2013 : Having spent less than half of its life in operation Imperial distillery is demolished

2014 : Dalmunach distillery is established on the site of the former Imperial distillery