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Once one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, and at the time of it's closing the largest grain distillery in Scotland. Alas Carsebridge was one of the many casualties of the 1980s surplus and strategic re-positioning. The site originally leased for 'seventeen Bolls and one firlot of good and sufficient Barley' per annum which grew to such massive proportions as to require it's own fire engine and team of 40 men is now a business park. The former distillery manager's house, a Grade II listed building does however survive.

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Carsebridge Timeline:

1799 : Carsebridge Malt distillery was founded in 1799, by John Bald & Co. about a mile from Alloa

1852 : Carsebridge shifted away from malt and towards grain installing two Coffey stills.

1877 : Carsebridge becomes one of the six Lowland grain distilleries to found Distillers Company Limited (DCL), later Diageo

1886 : Alfred Barnard visitied the distillery to admire the 'two elegant Coffey's patent stills' and the 'twenty fine washbacks, of imposing size and capacity'

1902 : The distillery is gutted by fire and foreced to halt production for 9 months

1927 : Carsebridge began producing several hundred tons of yeast a year

1956 : The distillery is modernised with a new cooperage, feedstuff plant and still house

1966 : The floor maltings is removed to make way for further expansion and the distillery was transferred to Scottish Grain Distillers

1980 : Carsebridge is expanded and becomes the largest grain distillery in Scotland

1983 : In spite of recent expansion Carsebridge was mothballed amidst a whisky glut just before it's 84th Birthday

1992 : The distillery was stripped for scrap metal and the building demolished

2011 : The cooperage is moved to the site of the closed Cambus grain distillery