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Anglesey Mon

The announcement of Anglesey Môn Distillery came virtually out of nowhere, somewhat undercutting the announcement of the (relatiovely) nearby Aber Falls distillery. We'll have to wait until 2020 to try the first Whiskies from Aber Falls but Anglesey Môn already have the first ready to go.

It comes, at least for our latitudes, virtually out of nowhere and runs the Aber Falls Distillery from the rank, at least as regards the launch of the first whiskey from North Wales for 118 years: The Anglesey Môn Distillery of the owner Dafydd Thomas wants in the summer first whiskey on the market - at Aber Falls that will take until 2020.

Thomas notes in an interview with the Daily Post that they had developed the whiskey a few years ago and expect to fill in the first batch in the May/June 2018. The warehouses are on the coast of Anglesay and house the first batch of whiskey made in north Wales in 118 year, along with the distilleries Gin, Vodka and Rum.

NamePronouncedAKARegionCountry of Origin
Anglesey MonNorth WalesWales
StatusActiveWhisky TypeWebsiteTours Available
Not Available
ManagerDistillerBlenderOwned byParent Group
Dafydd Thomas

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