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Ailsa Bay

Malt distillery founded inside the Girvan grain distillery in 2007 and began production a mere 9 months later. Similar to Roseisle, Aisla Bay was built to supply the blends market> Though manipulation of peat levels, fermentation time (between 60-72 hours) and different stills types (2 wash stills and 2 spirit stills use stainless steel condensers in place of the traditional copper to produce a more ‘sulphury’ spirit) Ailsa Bay can produce four types of spirit.

NamePronouncedAKARegionCountry of Origin
Ailsa BayLowlandsScotland
StatusActiveWhisky TypeWebsiteTours Available
Ailsa BayNot Available
ManagerDistillerBlenderOwned byParent Group
Brian KinsmanWilliam Grant & Sons

Ailsa Bay Timeline:

2007 : Ailsa Bay distillery is founded

2008 : Aisla Bay distillery begins production a mere 9 months after being founded

2013 : Ailsa Bay is expanded from four to sixteen stills