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This site is a labour of love, but as a one man band I can't keep on top of everything so if you're interested in helping out in anyway, have more up to date information, have any references you think worth adding etc. or just generally want to catch up about anything on here, please feel free to contact me on Twitter or Instagram.


If you feel you've not been properly credited in a post, distillery description etc. please do reach out. I try to give credit where it's due however as i'm cross referencing handfuls of books, dozens of blogs, wikipedia pages, newspapers, books and documents from archive.org sometimes things get lost in the mix. It's not intentional honest

Guest Contributions

I'm happy to take guest contributions of most ilk so long as they are relevant to whisky and the content of the site. If you've got thoughts about the decline of Irish whisky or it's ascendancy, grain varietals or whatever please reach out. My background is SEO though so if you're looking for links, trying to flog cigars etc. please see the advertising section. That being said if you want to contribute a unique, well put together post to promote your own site I am however happy to give credit.


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